TN Hemp Farmacy in the News!

TN Hemp Farmacy’s very own Clint Palmer is known as an expert on industrial hemp and has been featured in several local news stories on hemp agriculture by local station NewsChannel5 over the past several months. Reporter Nick Beres has taken a deep dive into the emerging hemp and CBD industry in Tennessee. Most recently, Clint and another of our founding partners, Greg Sanford, were featured in a broadcast highlighting the careful processing and sale of our much loved and locally grown CBD  and smokable hemp products. In fact, many of TN Hemp Farmacy products were grown on Clint’s own farm right here in Middle Tennessee!

“They are looking at [hemp] as a new commodity for farms that is really going to revolutionize and bring back the small farms in the state.” ~Clint Palmer

THF Your Local Hemp Farm

Tennessee Hemp Industries Association

Clint’s interest in agriculture began at MTSU as an Environmental Sciences major. When the opportunity to intern with TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation) came about, Clint quickly began to realize the benefit that hemp crops could bring to Tennessee on a larger scale.  It was at that time that Clint became a co-founder of TNHIA (Tennessee Hemp Industries Association) and began to advocate for the legalization of hemp in Tennessee.  Each year finds Clint more actively involved, testifying each year and promoting hemp agriculture before our state leaders.

Small and Local Hemp Producer

His passion and enthusiasm for small family farms is clear when he speaks of hemp and the promise it holds for Tennessee.  A hemp farmer himself, Clint is keenly aware of the risk associated with farming such a relatively new and misunderstood crop.  Education about hemp and CBD products is key, according to Clint.

That is one reason why Clint is a regular speaker at events across the state as well as on national and international platforms.  You may have seen him speak at the 2018 Southern Hemp Expo or this year’s NoCo Hemp Expo!  Wherever he is, one thing is clear and that is Clint’s devotion and enthusiasm for hemp and CBD, and the positive impact that they can have on us all.

TN Hemp Farmacy

TN Hemp Farmacy is proud to be a part of Clint’s mission to advocate for hemp, to educate consumers, and to provide the highest quality CBD products on the market.  Check out the fruit of Clint’s labor with some of our Hemp Prerolls and Premium Hemp Flower varieties such as Bubblegum (available in several flavors) or Sweetened.

You can also catch up on Clint’s contributions to the NewsChannel5 series by watching this story on problems with legal hemp in Tennessee and this story on how hemp may be the next cash crop in Tennesessee.

Watch the full news clip here!