About TN Hemp Farmacy

Who We Are.

TN Hemp Farmacy is an online retail hemp store and wholesale distributor of quality hemp flower. We are a licensed hemp grower and processor in the state of Tennessee and are 2018 Farm Bill compliant. We are the purveyors of the finest hemp grown in the state of TN. All of our flower is grown with sustainable and organic practices in mind and produced under the Tennessee Department of Agriculture hemp program. That means our product is grown locally and sourced directly from hand selected crops by our very own Clint Palmer. The potent hemp crops are treated with unconventional love from harvest to packaging. 

TN Hemp Farmacy Mission & Goals

Our mission is to change the lives of folks within our community. By obtaining the best crops, we have given farmers an opportunity not typically found in the industry. Also, our high-end flower offers consumers the chance to experience quality cannabis (legal hemp) and the positive effects that come with it.
 At TN Hemp Farmacy, our Premium Hemp flower is by far the best flower on the market. This flower has been processed to be the highest-end flower on the market from bag appeal, smell, to potency. 
 Not all hemp products are created equal. There is a difference. Know what you are buying and stick with a name you can trust!
From our families to yours, God Bless!
Greg, Clint, and Dan

TN Hemp Farmacy Memberships and Associations

It’s important to us that our customers know we are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality products and services. At THF, we are proud members of HIA and TNHIA because we believe in  facilitating and maintaining information about the goods we sell. As members, it proves we are here to support ethical business practices to ensure consumer confidence. Two of our founders, Clint Palmer and Greg Sanford, have also been elected to the board of the TN Grower’s Coalition. We are committed to supporting the thriving hemp industry in Tennessee.