THF Testimonials


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“Hello TN Hemp Farmacy, I wanted to let you know that your CBD works! I have watched my father suffer with the progressive disease of Parkinson’s. Every day tasks have become impossible and he spends all of his waking day shaking. After three hits off of the pre roll blunt his hands went to no shaking and his speech was easier for him to get out. He was more relaxed and said he felt less anxiety than he has in 10 years. I greatly appreciate the sample and looking forward to what lies ahead of helping anyone that suffers from this horrible disease.”

Daniel P.

“My friend, Greg, has been aware that I deal with mental health issues including depression, anxiety and anger. My issues are such that I have been taking the highest safe dose of an antidepressant. Greg recently gifted me with two units of his pre-rolled hemp product. As he advised, I smoked 1/4 – 1/3 of one “pre-roll” at a time when I felt oncoming anxiety. In just minutes I began to feel some calmness. That feeling grew over time and lasted for some hours. During that interval some of my anxiety-based behaviors like chewing my lower lip disappeared, while others were much reduced.

Tn Hemp Farmacy’s product is probably not a substitute for prescription drugs in a case like mine, but it gave me nearly immediate relief from symptoms that interfere with my ability to function and enjoy life. As I mentioned above, that relief lasted for an acceptable period of time. I highly recommend this product for persons who want some relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression.”

Terrence M.